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Home > Tutorials > Using Unmounted Stamps

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Using Unmounted Stamps By: Sandra Wisneski - View Sandra Wisneski's Art Gallery
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Tutorial Image Supplies Used:




















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  • Acrylic Blocks
  • Double-sided tape or poster tape
  • Cling Cushion
  • Aleene's Tack-It Over & Over Glue
  • Scissors for trimming unmounteds rubber stamps. Kai scissors are the best!.

Tutorial Image Introduction:

Using unmounted rubber stamps is cost efficient, takes up less space and makes stamping easier. The acrylic block makes stamping your image easy to see, especially when working with alphabet stamps.

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Step by Step
Step 1:
Trim your rubberstamp about 1/8" away from the outside line, taking care not to damage the image.


  • A favorite method when it comes to using unmounted stamps is to apply poster tape (when you want to see through your block) or double-sided tape to the acrylic block (carpet tape works miracles). 

    Apply strips of tape to the block and place the UM rubber stamp on the taped block.

    When you are done stamping, you can place the backing for the tape back on or leave it off.

    When the tape loses its tackiness, remove it and replace with another. Occasionally, you may need to clean the acrylic block with a product like Un-Du before applying more tape.

  • Repositionable glue, like Aleene's Tack-It Over & Over, can also be applied to the acrylic block to attach the um. Be sure to allow time for the glue to dry on the acrylic block before using.

As you have no cushion between your rubber and the acrylic block, you MUST place a form of padding between your work surface and the cardstock in order to get the gentle cushioning normally provided by the cushion. I suggest using a newsprint pad, a large foam pad. Another option, would be a pad especially designed for this purpose (introduced in 2005).

Many of our customers favor using a mouse pad.

Catherine's opinion: I do not like the mouse pad idea because if your stamp is large and you find your stamp positioned on the edge of the mouse pad while stamping... you will have a nice big line from the inking... at the price of cardstock... I prefer working on a larger surface to anticipate the accident.... 

Sometimes for a  detailed photo stamp it works best to have the stamp facing up and ink it. Then place the paper on it and use a brayed to apply the ink. I do this when I am having problems.

More information on How to use Detailed Rubber Stamps can buy abortion pill be found on on this linked page.

We found a couple of really nice videos online producted by Pink Cat Studio:
Working with Unmounted Rubber Stamps and Storing Unmounted Rubber Stamps

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Tutorial Image
Storage Ideas:
  • CD Cases (works especially well for alphabets).
    Apply double-stick tape to the inside of the CD case to hold the letters in place.
  • Plastic Storage Sheets in Binders Put cardstock inside the plastic sheet and stamp the images on the cardstock.
    Apply double-stick tape to the outside of the plastic sheet to hold the unmounted rubber stamps in place.
  • Plastic Clear Trays, like those clear plastic frames to display photos, remove the cardboard and just use the tray
  • Photo Box with cardstock cut to fit.
    Stamp the images on the front of the cardstock and apply double-stick tape to the back.
    Attach the unmounted stamps to the tape.
  • Catherine's favorite... Clear Plastic Shoe Boxes (the kind found at Target 6" x 4.5" x 12") with white envelopes 6" x 9" sealed and cut in half.

    This is the setup that I use for our booth display. except that we only have one design per envelope as we store multiple rubber stamps per each design.

    Create index cards for your categories, then fill the envelopes with as many UM (rubber only) as you can stamp on the front and the back of your envelope.

    It does not matter in what order you arrange your envelopes as long as you respect the category order. For example, your index cards would read Animals, Birds, Cats, Dogs, Fairies, Floral, Men, Women, etc... in alphabetical order.

    When you are ready to stamp you simply grab your bins, scan the stamped images on the envelopes. pull the envelopes you like, grab the rubber you wish to use, use a good double-stick tape (repositionable poster tape or carpet tape (the kind found at Home Depot).

    Apply the tape to the acrylic block, then adhere your rubber on and off the taped acrylic block. The beauty of this system is several folds:

    • Inexpensive to implement but for a good set of acrylic blocks (I suggest this is where you do invest your money... make sure they are at least .75" like most wood mounted rubber stamps... otherwise you may end up finger painting your artwork as well.
    • No delay in using your rubber stamps as you need minimal and inexpensive supplies
    • Storage space is minimal too
    • Ease of locating a rubber stamp
    • Easy cleaning of your rubber stamps. As there is nothing on the back of them, you can drop them in a bowl of soapy water.. you'll be half way done!
    • Ease of refilling your rubber stamps... after all.. when the fun is done.. who wants to waste time putting the rubber stamps away
    • Ease to expand the system, to add categories or mind you.. to add many more rubber stamps!

    Be sure to have a plan when you begin using unmounteds. Labeling the company that you purchased the stamp from can save you a lot of time and trouble. Also, decide ahead of time on how you want to organize your unmounteds: by theme or company. 

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