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Home > Tutorials > The Art of Masking

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The Art of Masking By: Mark Roseboom - View Mark Roseboom's Art Gallery
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Stamps Used:
29-248 101-770 101-779 61-048 59-001 20-035 29-306 29-763

Tutorial Image Supplies Used:






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  • A5 White Glossy cardstock (148mm x 210mm - 5.8" x 8.3")
  • Dark Green cardstock
  • Little sponges to apply the ink
  • Markers
  • Non-permanent glue
  • Normal Glue
  • Masking Paper
  • Scissors

Of course, we also need ink. I always use different kind of dye inks together, like Memories, Adirondack, Sea Shells, Sea Brights and Stazon.

Choose the ink you like to work with. It is very important to create the best scenery with the supplies you like!

Tutorial Image Introduction:

This is a tutorial for the card: "Behind the Mekong River".

You can see a slightly larger version of the artwork in Mark Roseboom's Art Gallery and going to the detail page of the artwork.

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Step by Step
Step 1:

Stamp the Manchurian Woman Portrait 29-763 in the left corner of the White Glossy cardstock with black dye ink.

Mask it. I always make web my masks from old printed papers and I use non-permanent glue to make the mask stick for a short time.

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Tutorial Image
Step 2:

Then we take the stamp of the little temple 101-770 and stamp it on the right side of the card in the middle.

Create a mask of the temple and temporarily apply the mask on top of the temple

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Tutorial Image
Step 3:

Before you stamp the boulder wipe off some of the ink with a little paper or something from the sides of the stamp to get a misty effect.

Take the Stampscapes boulders and stamp them twice around the temple.

Then use a mask only the left boulder to protect it.

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Tutorial Image
Step 4:

Take the Baby Breath stamp 61-048 and stamp it several times to use as a bush on the boulder under the temple.

You do not need to mask the "bushes".

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Tutorial Image
Step 5:

Take the Sampan rubber stamp 29-248 and stamp it just a little over the boulder.

That is why you had to mask the boulder… so that you can see the boulder in FRONT of the Sampan when done.

Create a mask and mask all three boats.

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Tutorial Image
Step 6:

Take the Ocean Scene rubber stamp 59-001 and stamp it on the left side of the boats, take care to line the coast line to match the coast line from the boats… otherwise you will not have a good horizon line and that will ruin your artwork.

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Tutorial Image
Step 7:

Take the Mt Fujii stamp 29-306 and, as with the boulders, wipe off some of the ink from the top and bottom of the stamp and stamp it just a little above the boats.

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Tutorial Image
Step 8:

Grab the Stampscapes Clouds stamp and the Sea Brights Citrus Green inkpad..

Stamp a line of clouds above Mt Fujii and between the boulders.

Create a mask of the clouds for later on use.

As you can see on the photo stamp the Buddha's torso 101-779 above Mt Fujii and create and apply a mask on it.

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Tutorial Image
Step 9:

Mask the upper cloud above the Manchurian Woman.

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Tutorial Image
Step 10:

Stamp the Full Moon 20-035 over the mask.

Keep the mask in place. Later on, when you do remove the mask, you will discover the moon BEHIND the clouds!.

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Tutorial Image
Step 11:

Take a little sponge and use the same Sea Brights Citrus Green ink and sponge the clouds green.

Remove the mask and repeat with the other clouds.

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Tutorial Image
Step 12:

Here are examples of the results you get when removing the masks.

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Tutorial Image
Step 13:

Here are some photos of the sponging with the Citrus Green and the end result of the first color with sponging.

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Tutorial Image
Step 14:

We then use a little bit darker green and I have choosen the Bottle Green from Adirondack inkpads.

On the second photo you can see the results obtained after sponging with this second color.

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Tutorial Image
Step 15:

On this photo, you can see the end result after sponging with the Bottle Green inkpad.

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Tutorial Image
Step 16:

Use the Black inkpad and sponge it over the Bottle Green.

The Black Ink add much depth to your artwork and give you a very special look when later on you add White Ink.

On the second photo, you can see the results after using the White Ink.

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Tutorial Image
Step 17:

Remove all masks and start coloring!

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Tutorial Image
Step 18:

I always use Marvy, Tombow and Brush Markers to color the details.

Always use colors you like. If you think a dress need to be red, then color it red.

It is your artwork and you should color it with your own imagination.

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Tutorial Image
Step 19:

On this photo, you can see the artwork after coloring the images.

I have used only Green colors and a little Black in sponged over it.

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Tutorial Image
Step 20:

Take the White Gel Marker and add some White points in the mist.

Also use the White Gel Marker to draw some details on the images

At the end, take the artwork and glue it on Green Cardstock.

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Tutorial Image

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