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Our Website Know-How:

It is higly suggested you read this page to get the best use out of our website

  • Though the site is open for business, it is still under construction...

    EVERY FEW DAYS we are adding new rubber stamps in their respective category and adding keywords.
    EACH week we will be adding new work in the Art Gallery
    and we'll try to catch up with the virtual catalogs and PDF download as much as we can... though, with several thousands rubber stamps to be uploaded.... the virtual catalogs will be the last item on the list!

    The Virtual Catalogs and PDF are done and complete for Ivory Coast Trading Poste and Fruit Basket Upset and almost complete for Bartholomew's Ink.

    One way to tell the progress on the Stamp Francisco Virtual Catalogs is that if you see a PDF available for download then the Virtual Catalog is also online. The Stamp Francisco Virtual Catalogs and PDF will not catch up for at least a couple of years...

    The catalog pages referred to in the Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers are the catalog pages from the last printed version. It is mostly for our benefit so that we can cross-reference the rubber stamps while in the process to upload them. Later on we may scan the catalog or better yet... if we learn how-to... we might upload the catalog from its original layout program... that is a big IF...

  • Take advantage of the choices we are giving you. You can select how many rubber stamps will be displayed on a page. Select the numbers of columns based on your computer monitor size and choose the number of rubber stamps based on your ISP (modem) speed. Experiment until you find what works best for YOU.

  • Create an account. Log in when you visit and we will remember YOUR choices for you! you will also be able to use My Gift Registry to select rubber stamps that your friends and family can purchase for you as gift. You can move rubber stamps from the Wish List, to the Shopping Cart to the Gift Registry in any which order and how often you wish!

    Items will stay in the Wish List and the Gift Registry 30 days from your LAST visit.

    Unless you plan to checkout immediately or shortly after making your rubber stamps selection, we suggest you place your items in the wish list. Items placed in the shopping cart will stay there for 24 hrs and then vanish.

  • You can browse all the rubber stamps via Themes (Categories) or by Lines (Brands). Those two type of browsing will guarantee that you see EVERY rubber stamp!

  • You can also browse the rubber stamps via keywords. Keywords are located in each rubber stamp detail page. We are still in the process of adding keywords. Keywords act as sub-categories.You are welcome to suggest keywords for a particular stamp or a sub-category you would like to browse.

  • Themes and keywords will yield totally different results. Let's say you select theme "58 Animals" looking for horses... you will see the horses located in the Animals section. If you search by keywords - either in the search box or by clicking on the keyword "horses" will display ALL the horses... like those located in section "29 Asian and in section 58 Animals". For best results search both ways when looking for something specific.

  • Please note that the rubber stamps in the UM Sets are not displayed in any of the theme categories. They can only be seen in the UM sets section, in the search by lines, in search by keywords (for example, searching on the keyword Halloween will display ALL rubber stamps including the UM sets and rubber stamps located in other sections than theme 10 Halloween

  • We've created a Favorite Searches section to give you an idea of results based on keywords. You will find there some of the most requested searches.

  • This site is totally interactive and database driven. This was a huge amount of work... thereby the delays... you never have to backtrack unless you wish to. You can go from a rubber stamp detail page, to its artwork, to the artwork of a particular artist, select a stamp used on that artwork and go to its virtual catalog, from there re-select a stamp and go back to a category or the art gallery... do not be afraid to explore... If you like a rubber stamp design you can click on the catalog page and see the other rubber stamps on that same page, as well as all the artwork for all the stamps on that page! If you are looking for small stamps for an ATC, domino or microscope slide... then you can choose to browse all the rubber stamps of a particular size.

    You can search a rubber stamp by its sku (reference number) by entering it in the search field... use the hyphen (ie:24-001) but do not use the letter price code. To narrow down choices on searches like "Men" which is also part of the words wo"men", or "Men-orah"... use the Advanced Search function. We put a tremendous amount of work and navigation features on the site... so that you do not have to! So, please take advantage of them.

  • For your convenience, we use a "breadcrumb trail" at the top AND bottom of each screen. These "breadcrumbs" follow your path on our website, giving you a quick indication of where you are on the site and an immediate way to return to any of the pages shown in your "breadcrumb trail". Simply click on any of the breadcrumbs to return to that page... even works from the shopping cart!

  • You can navigate the rubber stamps and the art gallery by using the right, left and back to top arrows, select the specific page you want to go to or use the breadcrumbs trail.

  • You can access the Art Gallery from the menus, from the rubber stamp page if the stamp has artwork on display and from the Virtual Catalog pages if there is artwork on display.

    You can browse the Art Gallery by Artist, by Themes, by Medium and by Lines. You can see a card at a time or use the Slideshow. Be aware that when choosing a Slideshow containing a large selection of artwork, your screen will look like nothing is happening while all the data is being gathered and organized by the Slideshow... so be patient... it DOES work just fine!

  • Stop by the Tutorials for some ideas or a refreshing course. Some very talented and generous people did those just for you Mark Roseboom, Beverly Shupp and Quick Order Form for your convenience.

  • Check the SITE BLOG to keep up with all that's new with the site, the rubber stamps or what's going on with us!

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