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Home > How to use Prime Your Rubber Stamps for FIRST time use?

How to Prime Your Rubber Stamps for FIRST time use and get that PERFECT impression?

Rubber stamps have a porous surface. This means the rubber has microscopique holes in it. New rubber stamps need to be cured meaning that you need to fill the tiny holes with ink so that you can get a nice solid and even impression when stamping for the first time

  1. To guarantee a good imprint with a new rubber stamp rub it across an ink pad. Do not stamp up and down on the ink pad. Drag it across the ink pad until the entire image is covered.

    You may have to repeat this step several times. The more you do it the better the results.

    If you feel you are not getting the result you are looking for or if the stamp is too big for the ink pad, use a brayer to ink the stamp. Brayer in one direction, then brayer in the opposite direction and then again in the first direction to guarantee full coverage. It is very important to make sure the whole stamp is entirely covered with ink

    Any uncovered portion will forever leave a light spot in your work. Oils from your hands and from the manufacturing process can leave residue on the rubber. Clean the rubber with a small amount of fingernail polish remover and reink if you experience any problems with inking. Polish remover will not dry out the rubber because the alcohol absorbs rapidly but it will help to rejuvinate and clean the rubber.

  2. To get the best impression use some form of cushioning (newsprint pad, craft foam, etc) under the cardstock you are stamping on.
  3. Take your well inked stamp and set it - inked side down - on a piece of scrap paper. Drag the stamp across the scrap paper removing the ink in a sloppy trail. Continue dragging the stamp across the paper, rotating the stamp slightly, until it is clean of ink residue. This will cause the tiny holes in your stamp to fill up before you make a impression that really counts. Now, reink your stamp well and make a perfect impression! When you are done with your stamp you may clean it with water or little fingernail polish remover and a dry cloth depending on the kind of ink you are using. It will be like new and ready for the next ink color.

    This tutorial with permission and courtesy of Abra cadabra Stamps

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